Aug 29, 2017

Uurnog Uurnlimited announced by Raw Fury, will come to Steam and Switch later this year

From Press Email and Blog Post:

Hello world, meet Uurnog Uurnlimited—the next game to be published by Raw Fury and developed by the incredibly talented Nifflas! It is, with absolute certainty, the quirkiest game we have signed to date (and that says a lot considering we published GoNNER <3) and the uurnbelievable amount of puns you can make out of its name was at least 20% of the reason we told ourselves WE NEED TO BE A PART OF THIS NIFFLAS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

This game has everything:

• Animal stealing… err, collecting

• Algorithmic music that adapts the melody and more to gameplay

• Local co-op where your friend plays as an adorable dog on a leash

• Just want to emphasize how cute this dog is by adding another line about it

• Really (still talking about the dog)

• Boss fights, multiple endings, a Save Room that is not what you think, and more!

• A Steamworks level editor (post-launch) that will allow Switch owners to download community created levels. Yes, you heard that right, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD STEAMWORKS LEVELS ON YOUR SWITCH.

You may have seen Uurnog before, the original version was released as a Humble exclusive. This is the Uurnlimited version, which is an extended edition with a bunch of new features (co-op, additional endings, boss fights, and level editor) and will mark the first time the world of Uurnog will be available to Switch and Steam users!

Uurnog Uurnlimited will be available later this year! The wait won’t be too uurnbearable, promise.

Steam page for Wishlisting: