Sep 08, 2017

Ancestors becomes Ancestors Legacy and gets 20-minute gameplay with developer commentary

From Press Release:

Being a warrior requires some serious guts. You need to be brave, you need to be resistant to pain, you need to be quick, and you need to be prepared for all the inconveniences a warrior’s life may bring. But on top of it all, you mustn’t forget to use your brains. Being able to outwit and outrun your enemies, to plan ahead, to sneak around and adjust your tactics whenever needed, and to be ready for surprises will often save your neck. In the end, nothing ever goes according to plan when you’re at war, and often being smart – not strong – determines whether you’ll return home victorious with your shield, or lying dead upon it.

It will show you exactly how important tactics, combat features unique to your troop, the ability to move stealthily, or having a hero on your side may be. And this time the developers have provided a commentary to help all gamers better understand the gameplay features.

Watch a single-player mission, in which you’ll experience the stealthy side of Ancestors Legacy and learn basic combat rules. Take a peek at its complex mechanics and don’t underestimate the importance of sneaking about. Care for your squad to become invincible. Choose your opponents wisely, and remember – some units will be ineffective against others. Use diversions and lure your enemies to take them out with style.

Ancestors Legacy, with its 4 different nations, offers many different ways of achieving tactical dominance and overall superiority on the battlefield. The Vikings from the Norse Kingdoms are more mobile than other units with their light infantry and cavalry.

Vikings play the role of aggressors in the game, so they don’t have permanent buildings that may be considered a “base”. Their tactics are based on an ambush–attack–retreat formula, and it works frightfully well for them. They do have some simple settlements, though, and it’s worth noting that they are based on military camps from the 10th – 11th century. The tribe as such is based on Vikings who lived in the area of modern-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the period between the 9th and 11th century.

If you’re interested in checking out some more footage from Ancestors Legacy, you can watch the announcement trailer HERE and the gameplay reveal trailer HERE.