Mar 15, 2019

Ancestors Legacy, the Middle Ages RTS comes to GOG with 50% Discount and Crossplay functionality with Steam

From Press Release:

March 15th 2019, Prague, Czech Republic — 1C Entertainment and Destructive Creations are happy to announce that critically acclaimed RTS, Ancestors Legacy, makes its way to GOG today, further expanding the list of distribution platforms the game is now available on. GOG customers can benefit from the 50% launch discount in the store and immediately dive into the medieval campaigns of four different nations from European history. Topped with multiplayer matches, available thanks to the GOG Galaxy Cross-play function, Ancestors Legacy will join GOG community with its current Steam fans through blood and war.

The freedom of choice that GOG Galaxy provides for its users, as well as its various features, from achievements to the Cross-play feature, fits well with the improvements that the developers are constantly trying to deliver to fans. Same as new campaigns were gradually added to the game and are going to be part of Ancestors Legacy on GOG right away, adding new features and search for new possibilities is the developer’s goal. The fact that multiplayer gamers from Steam will now be able to tackle new opponents from the GOG platform and vice versa is a win-win situation, and GOG customers can be sure that finding a multiplayer partner will be swift.

The whole development team is aware that the release on GOG was a long awaited one and got pushed back further than expected, but the goal of making Cross-play available and tested to function flawlessly was placed at higher priority than delivering it sooner. The team values the patience of GOG customers and apologizes for the wait.

Visit the GOG store page of Ancestors Legacy: