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Sep 25, 2017

Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends coming to Steam and mobile on September 28th

From Press Release:

In the third chapter of the Slavic Eventide series, a vengeful mad sorcerer abducts the brother of the protagonist Mary Gilbert. In order to save him, our heroine will have to venture into the realm of the Clouders – a creature that inhabits the flying islands at the end of the rainbow.  As it turns out not only is her brother’s life at stake, but so too is the fate of all humanity. Accompanied by a house spirit named Aitvar, Mary will have no other choice than to embark on a dangerous journey into the world of these powerful weather-controlling creatures and meet the god of thunder – Perun. Will Mary overcome all the challenges, save her brother and avert the great deluge that threatens to destroy the Earth?

Steam page: