Mar 01, 2018

Thimbleweed Park gets Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC for Steam and GOG, and won’t be heard on any other platform

From Press Release:

The mystery adventure game Thimbleweed Park may have five playable characters, but let’s face it: Ransome the Clown steals the show. If only his colorful language weren’t censored to protect your delicate eardrums.

Good news, Thimbleweed Park aficionados! For the low price of $1.99, you can now remove the annoying beeps from Ransome’s dialogue and hear his lines as the artiste originally intended. *Beep* yeah!

Exactly what can you expect from an uncensored Thimbleweed Park? Give this trailer a watch, then go wash your ears out with soap: (warning, NSFW!)

Thimbleweed Park’s Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC for Windows, Mac, and Linux is available exclusively from Steam and GOG for $1.99 USD (or equivalent in local currency).

(Due to ratings issues, there are no plans to release Ransome *Unbeeped* on other platforms.)

Introducing the Thimbleweed Park Vinyl Soundtrack

For the more discerning audiophiles in the audience, Steve Kirk’s awesome Thimbleweed Park soundtrack has just been released as a limited edition vinyl record. (Hey, that’s how they listened to music back in 1987!) Head over to Fangamer for more details and spiffy product shots: