Mar 08, 2018

Laser League gets first update while on Steam Early Access

From Press Release:

Laser League is the arcade-style multiplayer action sport of the future from indie publisher 505 Games and BAFTA award-winning development studio Roll7 – now available in Early Access on Steam for PC.  The game will receive its first content update today, expanding the laser mayhem experience! This update includes a new stadium with 4 new maps, 2 new teams, 2 new power ups and 3 additional maps for the original arenas.

Take a look at the brand new trailer just released to find out more: 

Introducing a new location in Doha, the modern and impressive Al Shama Stadium, home to two of the region’s most formidable teams – the Falcons and the Cobras.

A cool blue oasis in the harsh desert, Al Shama stadium’s Laser maps flow like water, with intricate, constantly morphing designs that require perpetual movement in order to survive.

They are:

  • CHEVRON: Restrictive. Requires constant movement
  • VEXATION: Complex. Breaks into regions
  • SLINGSHOT: Dynamic. Dangerous long lasers
  • SINGULARITY: Centric. Centre domination is key.

Teams playing in Al Shama will eperience the effects of 2 new powerups:

  • Stun, which briefly downs the opposing team.
  • Lockdown, which prevents one team from wall wrapping!

But this is not all, as the original arenas also see new maps added:

  • [Empire Campus] WRAPGAME: Tactical. Wall wrapping is key.
  • [Geng Hao Megaplex] CROSSFIRE: Shred. Long spinning lasers.
  • [SilverTip Arena] TURBINE: Locomotive. Kinetic domination of space.

We hope you enjoy the new content, stay tuned for more!

For more information on Laser League, now available in  Early Access on Steam at $ 14,99, please visit:

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