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Jun 27, 2018

Titan Quest Console Edition sees fixes in new update, but most notably brings couch co-op to the game today

From Press Release:

Vienna, Austria, June 27th, 2018Titan Quest gets a massive update today and finally adds couch co-op for all gamers on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and across the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X.

Titan Quest for Nintendo Switch™ will be released on July 31st and today’s update will be included. Please check the changelog below for details.

Order the Titan Quest Standard or Collector’s Edition here:


  • New Multiplayer mode – Split screen added
  • Resize of multiple UI’s for better readability
  • Performance improvement
  • Many stability fixes, especially in multiplayer mode
  • Lots of UI fixes and tweaks
  • Gameplay fixes and tweaks from current Steam PC branch integrated
  • Fixed loot falling through ground – if detected it will teleport the loot to the player’s feet
  • Reworked streaming system and preloading to prevent items suddenly appearing. This is still work in progress for networking modes, so the current system is still in place
  • Fixed bugs where a character could become visually corrupted until reset (e.g. when frozen by certain enemies)
  • Difficulty now no longer reset incorrectly in menus
  • When a player is trapped by a net or a similar, the player can now attack and trigger other skills
  • Bug fixed when the enchanter would consume the entire stack instead of the required amount
  • Fixed issue where some achievements would fire incorrectly in multiplayer