Nov 02, 2018

SCUM receives a major update titled “Wild Hunter”, which introduces hunting, the ability to go nude, and even adjust dong size to match

From Press Release:

SCUM’s Wild Hunter update introduces an intense series of new features catering to the prisoners’ most primal urges. The update is highlighted with the introduction of basic bow and arrow skills for both hunting wild game and combat against puppets and other prisoners. Prisoners can put these new skills to use by tracking and striking new boars and goats roaming the island, then crafting their trophies into intimidating headwear or decorative spiked heads. Slow things down around the campfire with new musical instruments to play including a banjo, guitar, and harmonica. Additionally, character customization include a fully nude character model and the ability to apply attribute points to a prisoner’s genitals.

“Wild Hunter” Update notes:

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