Mar 06, 2019

Production Line leaves Steam Early Access after 3.12 years tomorrow

From Press Release:

The game is leaving Early Access and going on general release tommorow! Woohoo! Its been 3.12 (we like to be accurate about things like that) years since we started work on the game, and over that time its gone from a side-scrolling black-and-white homage to the model T ford to an isometric full-color modern-day take on car production.

Recent major changes and improvements to the game have included:

  • A whole bunch of new in-game graphics for stuff like motor assembly, overhead gantrys, dashboard racks, CNC machines and many more.
  • New slots allow you to produce electric motors and powertrains from raw components.
  • Linked supply stockpiles retain their link and adapt to new requirements.
  • You can now move existing slots!
  • Remappable camera keys.
  • An in-game player guide.
  • Faster type-2 resource importers.
  • World events!
  • Cars now get hoods opened and raised on platforms at the appropriate slots.
  • TONS more!

For people who love silly stats, since I started working on the game:

  • My heart has beaten 113 million times.
  • I’ve consumed 4,555 cups of tea and 1,138 cups of coffee.
  • I’ve produced 99 blog videos on my youtube channel about developing the game.
  • I’ve written 102,365 lines of code and 8,289 lines of code comments (not including the engine)
  • I’ve updated the game over 69 times.

The game is $24.99 and available direct from us at as well as from GoG, Steam and the Humble Store.