Mar 06, 2019

Undead Horde from 10tons Ltd has come to Steam Early Access for all your necromancy fantasies

From Press Release:

Undead Horde is available on Early Access Now – Check it out here:

The main hook of Undead Horde is that the Necromancer can re-animate almost any dead creature he encounters. He can also command his army to combat or to follow him. In addition to necromancer focused stuff we have a lot of ARPG elements like loot, leveling, questing, a hand crafted world to conquer and such.

Some Early Access Launch Bullet points

  • Base price is $14.99 / 14.99€ – this is a bit less than we plan on full release
  • Early Access period lasts roughly two months give or take 1-2 weeks.
  • The goal is to gather feedback to focus the last stretch of development on the most important areas
  • Current version is playable for 5-8 hours
  • Has been played by streamers a lot, so there’s a lot of fun content to be played already
  • What is missing: Two last chapters, NG++ replayability, localization, linux & mac builds
  • The usual EA features: Has more bugs than final version, can be more unstable than final