Apr 16, 2019

The Superbug Initiative is a new and FREE update coming to Two Point Hospital on April 30th

From Press Release:

Word has come in from Bungle Technologies: select healthcare organisations will be invited to work towards the future of Two Point County as part of the Superbug Initiative, from April 30 as a free update to Two Point Hospital:

All of the Kudosh in the world can’t buy certain, coveted items and upgrades for your healthcare organization… But we in Two Point County have the solution: the Superbug Initiative. Complete in-game challenges with your friends, and players from around the world, all from the comfort of your own hospitals to unlock cutting edge technology and rare items for your hospitals and revolutionise healthcare forever. Two Point Studios will push regular updates, with more challenges, after its initial April 30 launch.

Since its release in August 2018, Two Point Hospital has charmed players the world over (and won a few shiny awards!) in part thanks to the free updates that Two Point Studios has implemented so far, looking to the community for the most-requested features. In Two Point Hospital, players must “build, cure, and improve” (and if possible, try not to kill anyone) by designing and upgrading hospitals, hiring and training staff with their own quirks, and researching cures to most unusual illnesses such as Mock Star, Jest Infection or Cubism.

Two Point Hospital is available on Steam and from SEGA approved digital retailers. For more information about all things Two Point Hospital sign up for our Hospital Pass newsletter at where you will receive the coveted in-game items, the Golden Bathroom Suite. You can also follow the game’s progress on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter. For more information about SEGA Europe, log on to, follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.