May 20, 2019

Caromble! receives penultimate chapter in new update from Crimson Owl Studios

From Press Release:

We are very happy to announce the release of Chapter 5 of Caromble! on Steam. Our brick breaker adventure has been in the making for almost 11 years now. We never expected to take this long, but we are very happy, and also proud, to be still going strong!

Caromble! has been in Early Access on Steam for almost 4 years now and since then, our part-time-indie team has welcomed 5 babies in our lifes. You can imagine that this had its impact on the development. We used to work on Caromble! on every Friday, besides having our day jobs. But now we try to find spare time in between the diapers, bottles and visits from grandparents.

I’m glad we found enough time to be able to release the penultimate chapter of the Caromble! story now. Chapter 5 introduces a new powerup: The Aim-a-tron, with which you can guide the ball in every direction you want. It yet gives another spin on the original brick breaker genre, where we try to push the boundaries on what can be done in such a game.

Puzzle, platforming, explosions and reaction-time all come together in Caromble!, our brick breaking fantasy come through.

We have only one chapter left to release and hope you are interested in checking it out once we’re there. We hope to release in 2019, before its 12 year-in-development anniversary

From Holland with Love!

The Crimson Owl Studios team