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Jun 10, 2019

E3 2019: Atomicrops announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive, console release in 2020

From Press Release:

We’ve got some big news today, something with a new partner that we’re especially enthusiastic about. Here we go *deep breath*:

Atomicrops is coming to PC on the Epic Games Store as an exclusive this year!

We’re glad to see a storied partner like Epic believe in what Bird Bath Games is bringing with Atomicrops, and since a roguelike needs a bustling community we’re looking forward to having their assistance to help build one as we ramp up for the game’s launch in 2019.

In the indie dev world, nothing is guaranteed. Studios work incredibly hard on passion projects with strong hopes that their title will grab a foothold with audiences, but the harsh reality of development is that there are too many games going unnoticed when they’re finally released to the masses. This agreement with Epicallows Atomicrops to flourish before it launches and the cushion provided brings some peace of mind for its creators as they continue pouring their heart and soul into the game.

We will always look to bring great games to every console and platform possible, and look forward to bringing Atomicrops to PC in 2019 and Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch in 2020.