Jun 10, 2019

E3 2019: Not Tonight expansion “One Love” explores further into the Brexit RPG on June 25th

From Press Release:

MANCHESTER, June 10 2019 – Brexit has doomed the United Kingdom. But even when everything seems hopeless… you can always rely on love.

Publishing label No More Robots and development team PanicBarn are excited to announce One Love, a full new chapter in the dystopian, post-Brexit Not Tonight saga.

It’s been almost a year since we launched Not Tonight, our dark comedy Brexit RPG, and we’re delighted that the government have avoided our dystopic nightmare vision by doing absolutely nothing of value!

In One Love, players take on the role of business mogul Dave, who has left his beloved pub The King’s Head behind to burn with the rest of the UK, and moved to France to start again.

In rebuilding his life, Dave needs to find work, learn new skills and discover love in this new green and pleasant land. To keep Dave on his feet, One Love combines Not Tonight’s bouncer mechanics with a new drinks menu that encourages you to mix up a ‘Hard Brexit’ or a ‘Snowflake’ for some extra Euros.

As always, you’ll be able to buy a whole range of tat for your flat and your body, but this time it serves a greater purpose.

Everyone knows you can’t find love unless you have a highly specific sense of style, and each prospective partner you meet in One Love definitely has preferences you can plaster all over, as well as specific venues from the entirely new roster that you can encourage or discourage them to head to.

Date a dog! Date a robot! Every taste is catered for and everyone is guaranteed* to find a partner.

One Love releases June 25th on Steam for $9.99, and includes new locations to visit, new mechanics to get to grips with, a new soundtrack, new people to meet and old friends to kick out.