Jul 11, 2019

Shakedown: Hawaii “Full Tank” update adds tanks, new shakedowns, vehicle purchases, and more to all platforms

From Press Release:

The latest SHAKEDOWN: HAWAII update is now live on PCNintendo SwitchPS4 and PS Vita.

Additionally, the PlayStation®4 Physical Edition is now available for pre-order. It begins shipping next week and includes a disc, manual and fully reversible cover for $29.99.

What’s in the update?
  • Adds new vehicles including tanks
  • Adds more enforcement types including agents
  • Adds a zoomed-out camera option
  • Adds new shakedown mission scenarios
  • Adds heat system to shakedowns
  • Adds off-island travel from the airport
  • Adds vehicle purchasing
  • Adds transferring funds to other characters
  • Game console in living room is now playable
  • Improves property selection on map screen
  • Misc. bug fixes

Head over to the post for a complete rundown.

The Nintendo 3DS version is also still on the way, and currently in certification. Once approved, a release date will be locked down. It will include all of these updates as well.