Aug 15, 2019

Hot Shot Burn has entered the arena of Steam Early Access today, console release to follow in 2020

From Press Release:

Katowice, Poland – Aug. 15, 2019 –  Grab popcorn, beer (or whatever is your choice of poison) and invite your friends for a game night full of cartoon savagery, ridiculous flukes, and insane skill shots. A successful 30-day beta saw players spend more than 123369 minutes (2056 hours or 85 days!) gloriously spilling their cartoony guts playing on their couches, online and at EVO 2019. Everyone (as far as we know) still lived to talk about it on the official Discord server.

Today Hot Shot Burn has officially launched into Steam early access.

Hot Shot Burn’s early access brings 12 diverse maps, 6 ridiculously handsome but ferociously deadly characters, 3 reality-bending mutators, and 1 hilarious but often inappropriate announcer. The team has committed to adding additional modes, maps, characters, balance tweaks and general updates at least once a month. Free. No loot boxes, paywalls or microtransactions. 

Early access will be priced at $14.99 while the final version is expected to be $19.99.

Console release is scheduled for early 2020.