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Apr 06, 2020

Raiser Games and 34 Big Things release DLC for GOAT OF DUTY where 50% of proceeds will go towards #COVID19Fund

From Press Release:

Dear goatiful players,

We have excellent news for you all: Goat of Duty now has more than three million players! Thanks to your decision to play Goat of Duty and #StayAtHome, you are contributing to the fight against COVID-19 and helping to stop the spread of this awful virus across the whole world.

As part of our continued efforts to help people through this difficult time, we’re also about to offer ways for you to support the #COVID19Fund. We have created three brand new DLCs designed to raise funds and support all our Doctors & Nurses out there.

50% of the income generated by these DLCs will be donated to the #COVID19Fund, a solidarity response fund created by the World Health Organization. You can learn all about this great initiative right here.

The three DLC are:

  • DLC1: The full Goat of Duty soundtrack, which includes four songs and more than 300 bleats recorded by us, for  €/$2.99 or £2.69
  • DLC2: Three 4K exclusive wallpapers, an exclusive #Covid19Fund cover, and the original Goat of Duty cover for €/$1.99 or £1.69
  • DLC3: The official Goat of Duty Artbook, €/$2.99 or £2.69

The great news is, all the DLC is available to buy right now.

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As you probably know, Goat of Duty is developed by an Italian studio and published by Spanish company, and both countries are right in the middle of the pandemic. We hope that, by contributing to generate awareness and resources for the fight against COVID-19, we might help the global fight against the spread of the virus.

Safe to say, we are already very proud of all of you goating around this sensational multiplayer shooter! You are part of an amazing community and, if you choose to purchase one of these DLCs,  we’ll all be doing our part to fight COVID19.

Let’s keep on keeping on.

With love,
The 34 Big Things & Raiser Games Teams.