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Apr 17, 2020

Night Call takes “The Long Way Home” in new update that adds Free Roaming, New Passengers, and more


From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM — April 17, 2020 — Raw Fury and indie developers Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin have released “The Long Way Home,” a significant content update for Night Call which adds a ton of new content and enhancements to the award-winning, narrative-driven, noir investigation game on PC.

Here’s what’s waiting for you in The Long Way Home update, free to download today on Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for PC:

  • Free Roaming Mode: Sometimes you just want to roam the streets and enjoy some interesting conversations. Free Roaming lets you do just that — this highly requested fan feature is perfect for drivers looking to relax and fill up their Passidex!
  • 15 New Passengers: 15 unique new riders to pick up and chat with, including a disgraced esports champ, a ghost hunter, and a robot trying to escape from its lab.
  • Revamped Passenger System: An overhaul to the passenger system which helps players avoid repeat encounters in a number of ways, including highlighting new passengers and suspects on the map, increasing the amount of available passengers to choose from and more!
  • Technical Stuff: German language support added, plus bug fixes and other improvements!

Night Call puts players in the role of a taxi driver in modern-day Paris, where a mysterious serial killer is stalking the streets. As a survivor of the killer’s most recent attack, you have seven nights to help find the murderer, or the police will pin it on you. Use your limited time each night to chat with passengers and gather clues, but don’t forget to make enough money to pay your bills! Can you solve the mystery before the meter runs out?

Night Call will launch later this year on consoles with all content from The Long Way Home update available at release. For more info on everything included in The Long Way Home update, check out the latest community post from the devs on Steam.