May 28, 2020

Blaze Revolutions gets discounted and update that gives it a new soundtrack, voiceovers, and controller support for this unique RTS

From Press Release:

Little Chicken Game Company and Kanolio Ventures Ltd announced today that the cannabis-themed RTS Blaze Revolutions receives its first patch in the run up to full commercial launch later this summer, along with a 45% discount for one week. Featuring all new voiceovers, controller support and a brand new soundtrack from rapper and hiphop tekno artist, Bram Wazig (mastered edition currently available for sale price of $1.99), Blaze Revolutions is now available for $9.89 on Steam until June 4th.

Blaze Revolutions is an RTS set in a dystopian future, where the totalitarian SomaCorp surveys all, pollutes the environment and controls citizens through misinformation campaigns. As part of the resistance to corporate rule, you must plant and cultivate cannabis, hack drones, evade SomaCorp surveillance and manage your resources as you turn this grassroots movement into a Revolution!

A thriller with a deep narrative and strong character development, Blaze Revolutions tells a tale about the effects of big business and government corruption on our planet. Our environment is suffering from pollution, small businesses are going under as big corporations grow increasingly stronger, and governments are tightening their chokehold on the common man. The revolution is industrial, as well as social: Blaze Revolutions envisions a future where society rises up and creates idyllic enterprises using the natural resource of hemp!

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