Jun 16, 2020

Ghost Grab 3000 and Singled Out coming to Switch on July 3rd, pre-orders available now with owner’s discounts

From Press Release:

It’s true! bite-sized, challenging, retro arcade action indie games by Matt Glanville coming to Nintendo eShop on 3rd July!

Ghost Grab 3000

Introducing the Grapple Beam in an endless ‘bullet hell’ arcade apocalypse!

  • Humanity is long gone, but our wretched souls still wander the Earth.
  • Chain ghosts together with your energy beam, then destroy them all at once to earn points.
  • The longer your chain, the bigger your score multiplier.

Singled Out

A quick-fire identification game. With a sniper rifle.

  • Find the Galactic Supercriminal in a crowd of weirdos before time runs out.
  • Only one weirdo fits the description. Don’t shoot the wrong one!
  • Includes ‘Family Friendly’ mode (removes all violence from the game).
  • Originally created as a submission for Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam 2019 and picked by Mark Brown as one of his Top 20 games of the jam.

– $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.39 for each game
– 10% Pre-Purchase Discount
– 15% Owner’s Discount available So if you own any

(If you own any of Matt Glanville’s games on Nintendo Switch, then all others will be discounted automatically.)

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