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Jul 13, 2020

Bohemia Interactive releases four classic games onto GOG, including the original Arma, UFO: Afterlight, and update for Original War

From Press Release:

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce that we just released a nice package of good (old) games on! Our diehard fans can enjoy ARMA: Cold War Assault, UFO: Afterlight, ARMA: Gold Edition, and Original War with 80% off.

On top of that, the last one mentioned – the beloved, classic (RTS) gem in our back catalogue, Original War – received a brand new update. The improved version 3.0 contains, for example, a new renderer for better compatibility with modern hardware/software, and also offers an improved UI with Lua scripting support for greater flexibility and modding options.

The update is available thanks to the OW Support Team. Read more about it here: Take a look at their website:

Buy the games on GOG.COM today.