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Sep 10, 2020

Ostranauts, set in the NEO Scavenger universe comes to Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

London, UK // 10 September, 2020 – It’s day “who knows we’ve lost count” of the captain’s log as Ostranauts takes off into Early Access on PC. From progressive indie publisher Modern Wolf and NEO Scavenger developer Blue Bottle Games, the noir spaceship-life sim Ostranauts is now available on Steam now with -20% off for launch week for £12.39/ 13,49€ / $14.99* (Full undiscounted game price: £15.49/ 16,79€ / $19.99).

Ostranauts is a noir spaceship-life sim, where the player controls the story. Starting out as a spaceship captain, players have to carefully hire a crew before attempting to survive in the savage world of a ravaged solar system. The game challenges players to design a one-of-a-kind spaceship, manage their rag-tag crew’s physical and emotional needs, whilst keeping their junker of a ship from falling apart. If that wasn’t enough, there is always the looming threat of bankruptcy lingering over everyone’s heads, as well as fending off a whole host of chaotic problems that could be just around the corner…

Check out the Ostranauts trailer below featuring Dominique Tipper, star of popular science fiction series The Expanse.

About Early Access
Early Access for Ostranauts will start by allowing players to begin their adventure as a spaceship captain – fixing up their ship and getting it space worthy, whilst socialising with NPCs and kick-starting their salvaging career.

What can players expect in the first wave of Early Access:

  • Assume the role of captain repairing your spaceship to get it ready for dust off
  • Starting on shipbreaker career – salvaging from derelict ships around K-Leg station to get their junker ready to fly
  • Socialising with NPCs


  • Fly to different worlds completing tasks, get more tools for characters and parts for the ship
  • Encounter  a variety of ship types, makes and models
  • Combat elements – space battle and hand to hand
  • Meeting with other ships – possible hostile encounters (you never know who to trust)

About Ostranauts
Set in the NEO Scavenger universe, where Earth has suffered cataclysmic collapse, the rest of the System lives on in a state of capitalist dystopia.

Players can customise everything about their starting character including looks, name and pronoun preferences before setting out into the vast expanse of space. They will then build or customize their starting ship from the spoils of their career history, and find ways to keep their motley crew happy, fuel in their tanks, food on their plates, and the debt collectors at bay. Succeed and shoot for the stars or crash and burn from the consequences of your actions!

Detailed Custom Ship Design
Players can build their ship, in any shape, from functioning modular parts. The parts have physical properties, interact with each other, and can wear out over time.

Crew Needs
Crew members have physiological and emotional needs, from basal necessities like food, water, oxygen, and temperature, to more esoteric needs like privacy, security, intimacy, and esteem.

Further Information
Steam Page:

*Ostranauts is out now for PC on Steam. Full undiscounted games price £15.49/ 16,79€ / $19.99

The Ostranauts Soundtrack is available for £7.19 / 8,19€ / $9.99
The Mescaform Edition Bundle of the game (which includes the Main Game + Soundtrack), is available from £15.66 / 16,79€ / $19.99