Mar 18, 2021

Latest video and blog post for Magic: Legends gives an overview on “What to Expect in Open Beta”, starts next week

From Press Release:

A new video and developer blog for Magic: Legends, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios’ upcoming free-to-play action RPG based on Wizards of the Coast’s strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering, showcases what players can expect in the open beta, which launches next week.

In the video and blog post, the Cryptic team gives an overview of their Open Beta philosophy, and a run-down of some key game mechanics for  players, including how to choose their class, build their deck, use equipment and artifacts, multiplayer, the future of the game, and more.

Open Beta for Magic: Legends launches on Arc Games and The Epic Games Store on March 23. Sign-ups for the beta are open now at