Mar 19, 2021

Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok has arrived in Conqueror’s Blade for a Viking-themed season

From Press Release:

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 — MY.GAMES and Booming Tech are kicking off the seventh season of Conqueror’s Blade today. Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok brings new Viking-themed units, a Rune system to augment your character, and a sprawling siege map to fight over. Joining these free additions, a fresh Battle Pass allows players to earn over 100 exclusive seasonal rewards, including cosmetic rewards inspired by Norse sagas and myth. A season showcase trailer, featuring the song Alfadhirhaiti from the Nordic band Heilung, was released alongside the update.

With three new units joining the roster, players can now have their warlord recruit a warband of fierce Norse fighters. The first of these units, Shieldmaidens, are an all-female task force that, within the game’s lore, are the sworn swords of the Cult of Freyja and serve as guardians of both nobles and sacred places in peacetime. On the battlefield, they are highly flexible since in addition to their shield they can also switch between sword or spear. Spears are more effective against cavalry, offering increased reach and various debuffs, with swords offering raw power. Inspired by the iconic ‘shield wall’, Shieldmaidens can also rally around their warlord in a tight defensive formation. Players looking for something more aggressive can recruit Berserkers, a unit that truly exemplifies the lightly-armoured, heavily-armed melee fighter that has become a staple in Conqueror’s Blade. Berserkers are rage unbound, specialists in shock assaults where they wield double axes in a devastating charge.Perhaps the most unusual unit, the Sons of Fenrir, complete the trio of Norse-inspired units.  These fur-clad fanatics are highly agile and, due to their animalistic nature, are incredibly fast for an infantry unit. Their high speed can be further enhanced using one of their skills which, used in combination with a dispersed unit formation, makes them adept at rushing ranged targets.In addition to the units, a new Rune system has also been introduced, allowing players to enhance their characters’ weapons and armour with various benefits. Runes come in various types and are focused on offering passive benefits that compliment weapon skills and playstyle. Runes are unlocked in accordance with a player’s seasonal level and are reset at the end of the season. Handily runes are not consumed on use, so players are free to experiment with their unlocked runes.