Mar 25, 2021

The highly requested Creative Mode for the BAFTA-nominated Airborne Kingdom has arrived in new update today

From Press Release:

Today, The Wandering Band released a new update for its BAFTA-nominated sky city builder Airborne Kingdom. The Creative Mode update gives players access to new tools and features that make it easier to build the flying city of their dreams. The update, which adds a beautiful new environment and additional cosmetic options, is available now on Epic Games Store for PC and Mac. As part of the Epic Games Store Spring Sale, Airborne Kingdom is 20% off now through April 8.

Unlike the previous Hard Mode update, Creative Mode is all about making it easier for players to express themselves while building up their sky city. This ultra-relaxing way to play can be accessed from either an existing save or by starting a new game from scratch.

Creative Mode Features:

  • Expand your flying city as you see fit, without having to worry about collecting resources or managing your population.
  • Soak in the sights of an all-new map, designed with beauty in mind. Use photo mode to snap postcard-worthy shots of your kingdom and show everyone why you rule!
  • New customization options are available in both Creative Mode and the regular game, from the balloons that hold you aloft to the colors of the lights that help guide you on your travels. There are lots of new Motifs to choose from, with new color options for metals, buildings, and paths. A new multi-select option makes it so much easier to get the perfect look for your kingdom!
  • Carry over your progress from an existing save or start a whole new adventure — it’s up to you!

Creative Mode is designed to give players an even more relaxing way to experience all that Airborne Kingdom has to offer, while the update also adds some additional customization options throughout the main experience.

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