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Apr 27, 2021

New Game+ comes to Airborne Kingdom today in free update

From Press Release:

Today, The Wandering Band released a new update for its BAFTA-nominated sky city builder Airborne Kingdom. New Game+ mode gives players who have completed the game new challenges to overcome and other twists. The update is available now on Epic Games Store for PC and Mac.

New Game+ increases the difficulty, but it’s far from just another version of Hard Mode. Players won’t be able to access the mode until after they complete the campaign, and for good reason: New Game+ requires a mastery of the core game, and it’s designed to change the playstyle of every Airborne Kingdom player who thinks they’ve fully conquered the skies.

New Game+ Features:

  • A sprawling, new world, with resources spread far and wide. Finding the materials you need is trickier, and you’ll need to meticulously plan ahead for every voyage.

  • Quests are spread further apart, with wider hint areas. Sometimes, resources will have run out on your next lap around the world, so keep an eye on how much fuel you’re burning.

  • Randomization goes wild, ensuring that even the most experienced travelers won’t know what’s ahead. New Game+ takes the base game’s randomized elements and adds even more variety. Everything from quests, kingdom placement, and even your starting placement can be vastly different.

  • New town centers give players who have built any of the Wonders a leg up on their New Game+ journey. Choose from one of three new centers, giving you additional comfort, efficiency, or searching — you decide what’s best for you.

New Game+ has been designed to make the Airborne Kingdom experience fresh again. If you want an extra challenge, play it in Hard Mode for the ultimate test.

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