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Jul 30, 2021

Quicksave 035: Because Video Game

The new release drought continues but is starting to subside, and Scott is digging into SkyDrift Infinity (which is kind of new but also not), and there’s some excited discussion about new studio Neon Giant’s cyberpunk twin-stick shooter ARPG The Ascent. Evan has finally finished Final Fantasy VII Remake and we get into spoiler town to discuss the things that make the game great and the choices that could set future installments up for great success or major letdowns. There’s a ton of news to run through this week, starting with the #ActiBlizzWalkout, continued supply issues for gaming consoles and graphics cards, pre-orders of Panic’s Playdate going live, some PS5 beta firmware goodies, and our favorite things from the Annapurna Interactive showcase. Phew.

Discussed: SkyDrift Infinity 7:22, The Ascent 15:41, Final Fantasy VII Remake 40:55, Activision Blizzard 1:05:25, Playdate 1:18:00, Annapurna Interactive 1:36:30