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Sep 08, 2021

Tribes of Midgard roadmap for Season One shared amid success, Mid-Saga Update arrives on October 5th

1080x1920 Season One Mid Season

From Press Release:

Today, Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing unveiled an updated Season One content roadmap for the hit survival action RPG Tribes of Midgard, which recently reached 750,000 players less than three weeks after launchThe Mid-Saga update will be available starting October 5. 

 The roadmap includes the first publicly released details on what’s in store for October’s mid-Saga update, including: 

  • Fenrir Variant 
  • “Valhalloween” event: Oct12 – Nov 1 
  • Combat/Blessings Update 
  • New Challenges 
  • New Runes/Starter Kits 

Tribes of Midgard Roadmap S1 Mid Saga Update 01