Sep 22, 2021

Foxhole celebrates 500,000 sold with sale, and receives its largest update with “Entrenched” today

From Press Release:

Toronto – September 22, 2021 – Join the war effort in growing persistent war strategy game, Foxhole, now that Siege Camp releases the biggest and most expansive update of the year. Titled Entrenched, this major update has players wage war on a map that is now 60 percent larger, play on worlds that can support 3,000 soldiers at a time, construct dozens of new fortifications and more. To celebrate the update, Foxhole is available for a 30 percent discount on Steam.

Today’s Entrenched update includes:

  • World Expansion – After years of development, the world of Foxhole has finally expanded to its fully realized scale and is now capable of supporting 3,000 players in the same war at once. Fourteen new hexagon regions have been added, which will provide the space needed for larger scale wars, greater strategic depth, and a more dynamic frontline. The persistent war will reach new battlefields taking place in never-before-seen towns, villages, and other points of interest.
  • Player Uniform System – Stand out on the battlefield with visually distinct uniforms that provide one or more gameplay benefits, such as special inventories, camouflage to circumvent enemy intelligence, or protection from harsh weather conditions. Like all other aspects of the war in Foxhole, uniforms are produced and supplied to the frontline by logistics players.
  • Frontline Building – A brand new combat engineer activity, frontline building allows players to utilize sandbags, barbed wire spools, and metal beams to collaboratively build elaborate frontline fortifications. These new fortifications offer several key benefits over conventional structures in Foxhole, including the ability to dynamically scale, bend, and snap, as well as being able to be built in strategic locations such as bridges.
  • Huge Building Update – A comprehensive update to the base building game, including new mechanics, tools, modifications, and customization options will enable builders to be more creative than ever before when designing their Bunker Bases and Trench networks in the future.
    • Trench Mechanics – A variety of improvements that allow tanks to traverse over trenches, trenches to be filled in, and even individual Foxholes to be dug out for basic cover.
    • Power – Engine Rooms in Bunkers can now be used to power Bunker lights, Observation Bunkers, and the Intelligence Center, a new super weapon that can be deployed to intercept enemy transmission, providing strategic data that can help win the war.
    • Modifications – New modification types such as stairs, parapets, ladders, trench tunnels, and interior firing ports for further customizing Bunker and Trench networks.
  • Additional new features, including new rifle classes, more intelligence features, new tank classes, a dynamic camera system, and much more!

“Every year the Foxhole community continues to grow, and over last year, the game’s average concurrent player count has more than quadrupled, which resulted in the highest number of players ever participating in a single war,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Siege Camp. “Across five years of development and 46 game updates, we’ve committed to building a very unique game where you have to cooperate with thousands of other players to win a war. Entrenched is the next step for Foxhole, but we have even bigger plans in store for the future of the game.”

Siege Camp is currently working on future technology, updates to Foxhole and much more. To keep up on the latest information please visit the studio’s websiteTwitter page or join the official Discord server.

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