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Mar 28, 2023

Anvil Empires is the next massively multiplayer title from Foxhole developers, focuses on medieval sieging and warfare

From Press Release:

March 28th, 2023 – Siege Camp, the renowned developer behind Foxhole, is proud to unveil their latest massively multiplayer title. Anvil Empires allows players to forge an empire in a persistent online world and wage war alongside armies of thousands.

Utilizing custom server technology, Anvil Empires allows players to step into the shoes of a single soldier within a massive army of up to a thousand players. Take up arms and engage in a large scale game of conquest that takes weeks to unfold, with players defining the narrative of the conflict. Battles take place organically in an open world sandbox with no safe zones or other artificial barriers to combat.

Wars are not won solely on the battlefield, but more importantly through a well-developed economy that’s completely driven by players. Support the war effort by building settlements and growing them from hamlets to bustling towns with farming and hunting industries. Trade with friendly neighboring villages or raid enemy bases for resources. Build supply camps and logistics lines to keep player armies well fed and armed. Establish siege camps for blockading towns and constructing war machines for breaching the walls of enemy strongholds.

Siege Camp has established a second team dedicated to developing Anvil Empires. Development has been underway for several years, and Siege Camp is thrilled to enter the next stage with the upcoming Pre-Alpha test. With the studio’s expansion, Siege Camp will continue to redefine the massively multiplayer genre across both Foxhole and Anvil Empires simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Massively Multiplayer Conquest: Play in a large scale game of conquest that takes weeks to play out. Wage war alongside thousands of players across a persistent online world.
  • Epic Player Battles: Custom server technology enables up to 1000 players to fight shoulder to shoulder in a massive real-time battle.
  • Open World PvP: Battles are organically instigated by players in an open world sandbox. There are no  safe zones or other artificial barriers to combat.
  • Medieval Army Logistics: Establish supply camps and logistics lines to keep armies well-fed, armed, and rested. Battles are won not only through strength of arms but also require a strong economy and supply chain.
  • Sieges: Build siege camps in preparation for massive assaults on enemy strongholds. Construct equipment like siege ladders and battering rams to breach fortified walls and keeps.
  • Raiding: Roam the world at sea or on horseback, torching unsuspecting villages and looting them for silver and other valuable resources.
  • Settlement Building: Build settlements and grow them from small hamlets into large bustling towns shared by dozens if not hundreds of players.
  • Economy: Engage in farming, hunting, husbandry and more to support the war effort. Trade with nearby player settlements to further optimize your economy.
  • Fortress Construction: Design and build elaborate, multi-level keeps and fortresses for withstanding prolonged sieges. Create barracks and armories to help defending players make a final stand.

Prepare for all-out war and wishlist Anvil Empires today. Soldiers can join the Anvil Empires Discord and be the first to enlist in the free Pre-Alpha test beginning in early April. Additionally, players can keep up with further updates by following Siege Camp on Twitter and following the Anvil Empires subreddit.