Oct 28, 2021

“The Community Patch” for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt adds Duos and shorter matchmaking today

From Press Release:

Sharkmob is excited to share release notes for the latest update to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt.

Dubbed “The Community Patch”, the recent update to Bloodhunt will introduce new features, a whole new game mode, improved game on-boarding for new players and a host of other improvements in direct response to the invaluable feedback from the ever growing community.

In conjunction with the update, Sharkmob has also released a new trailer featuring the Nosferatu clan, playable in Bloodhunt. The Youtube link can be found here –

Patch Headlines:

  • Faster to fight – Less Wait, More Action: Shorter pre- and post-match timers, archetype select, and deployment to get you into and out of a game faster. Solo players can now join a new match directly, without going back to the Elysium social hub first.
  • Duos mode – the community spoke and we listened. Effective from this patch we will introduce Duos mode that will alternate with the existing Trios, supporting 42 players and speeding along matchmaking
  • Kills that count – never again will you lose a kill credit to a sneaky sniper round or unlucky drop. The player who downs an enemy is now awarded the kill regardless of how they are ultimately eliminated (red gas, another player, The Entity, a shark…). Assists are awarded for eliminating a downed player
  • Free Loot and Daily Challenges – receive bonus items for logging in and complete daily challenges to amass in-game store tokens
    New high tier loot locations – Memorial Park and the Graveyard will now be available as high tier loot areas
  • Better onboarding by bots – Introducing bots to the first few rounds new players partake in to allow more time to learn the game mechanics before joining the full bloodhunt

Full patch notes can be found here –

Available now on PC Early Access via Steam and launching on console later this year exclusively on PlayStation 5

Players can join the blood hunt by signing up on the official website at

Bloodhunt Steam page –
Sharkmob Twitter:

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