Dec 06, 2021

Samurai multiplayer game Hanako: Honor & Blade goes free-to-play on December 10th

From Press Release:

ATLANTA, GA – December 6, 2021 – +MPACT Games, a small team of developers, who united for 14 years to make a very personal game as a tribute, finally launched back in September of 2021. The development team decided that the best course forward in their action-packed, fast-paced samurai multiplayer game is to lower the barrier to entry entirely to allow gamers to play the game for free.

Hanako: Honor & Blade will officially be a free-to-play title on Steam starting December 10th, 2021. Team Lead, Matt Canei, was excited to share “When we launched Hanako back in September, we knew we had a lot of challenges to grow a multiplayer game with essentially no budget, and a tiny five person team doing this in our free time. After a slow start, we decided to remove the barrier to entry to the game entirely, and allow people to try it at-will for free. We feel we’ve made a AAA-quality indie game and it deserves far more than we’re able to with such limited resources. So we’re going forward with free-to-play with a lot more to come…”

In addition to going free to play on December 10th, +MPACT Games will also release its first post-launch update to the game, adding 25 new items, including the rainbow/neon Unicorn bundle, as well as a bunch of new community-feedback driven improvements:

  • Hit detection improvements.
  • New “rip out” animations for basic melee attacks.
  • New ability/combo counter and hit effects system to make hits more impactful.
  • Dozens of bug fixes, crash fixes and other smaller improvements.

After the Free-to-play patch goes live, +MPACT Games plans to begin public testing of Samurai Royale mode, their take on the popular battle royale game type, within their fast-paced melee setting as well as a new map for the mode, challenge/unlock mechanics and other roadmap items depending on how support for the game grows.