Aug 10, 2022

Super Mini Mart announced, a cozy market management sim launches onto Steam late next year

From Press Release:

Super Mini Mart, the mellow management sim developed by indie studio Blazing Panda and published by Those Awesome Guys (Move or Die, Monster Prom) is getting ready for its grand opening day! The team unveiled their up and coming game with a brand new reveal trailer, announcing that their super sim will be coming to PC via Steam in Q2 2023.

About the game:

Super Mini Mart is a charmingly carefree singleplayer management game about running a convenience store. Load up the fridge with chilly goods, add a discount on overpriced items, order more stock ahead of a storm, and listen to the hopes and woes of every customer that walks through your door – all with the aim of making their mart the best in town!

Super Mini Mart is a cozy take on the management sim genre, complete with charming pastel aesthetics, chirpy music, and soothing surroundings that are sure to secure a place in players’ hearts.

Game features: 

  • A vibrant yet laid-back world, filled with pleasant activities that allow players to remain stress-free even when lagging behind.
  • A mini-universe densely populated with unique characters with soulful backstories and memorable interactions. 
  • Get to know your stock! From food to apparel, each item has designated requirements and mechanics.
  • Come for the charming 3D pixelated aesthetic, stay for the wholesome gameplay and heartfelt interactions.

Quote from the developer:

“My brother and I are big fans of tycoon/manager games, but less so of the pressure that is often associated with their gameplay. Super Mini Mart is our little love letter to both the management genre and our chill way of doing things – a laid-back game you can play for hours on end or sample in short bursts.”

About Blazing Panda: 

Blazing Panda is a mini gamedev studio based in Brazil. It’s the brainchild of Bruno and Leo Belmonte, two brothers whose passion for making feelgood games surpasses their sibling rivalry! Super Mini Mart is their biggest project so far, and marks the debut of the “Super Mini Verse”.

About Those Awesome Guys:

Those Awesome Guys is a fiercely independent video game development and publishing studio formed out of people from all around the world. After the hit success of Move or Die, the studio branched out to publishing with the release of Monster Prom and Deepest Chamber. Their next projects is Super Mini Mart. For more information, visit