Aug 24, 2022

Roguelite strategy sequel Warriors of the Nile 2 launches today onto PC via Steam

From Press Release:

August 23, 2022– Independent game developers Stove Studio and publisher Gamera Games have announced that Warriors of the Nile 2 will be launching on Steam, on August 24.

Warriors of the Nile 2 is a fast-paced Roguelite strategy game. This time our Warriors are equipped with a more unique combat style. Freely choose the adventure route, and lead your squad to repel the Roman legion.

In Warriors of the Nile 2, each character possesses a new trademark skillset. The attack modes have changed, which will bring an all-new dynamic into the game.

Warriors of the Nile 2 will be at a 10% discount for everyone in the first week of release and at a 40% discount just for those who already purchased “Warrior of Nile 1”.

Currently, there is a downloadable Demo Version of the game available on Steam for you to experience the gameplay.

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  • Choose your route in adventure mode, visit merchants, and challenge powerful enemies;
  • Light up carvings to gain more battle bonuses;
  • Build a capital and restore the glory of pharaohs past;
  • Level up your warriors to unlock new tablets and equipment.

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