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Nov 02, 2022

Level Zero is an asymmetric multiplayer horror surivival game releasing in 2023

From Press Release:

KYIV, November 1st – Publisher Tinybuild and developer DogHowl Games encourage all prospective science team members to stay in well lit areas at all times, because in Level Zero, terror lurks in the shadows. Coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation in 2023, Level Zero is an asymmetrical six-player PvP sci-fi survival horror experience pitting a team of terrified scientists against a relentless pack of alien monsters in a deadly contest of wits and stealth.

In Level Zero, light is life. Four players take on the role of a team of human scientists, scrambling to action as the power fails in their research facility. To stand any chance at survival, they must repair the base’s power systems, or be consumed by the nightmares lurking in the shadows. The science team must coordinate and communicate to search for vital tools, failing fuse panels and vital sources of light such as flares and glowsticks. Guns won’t help against the threat they face – will anyone survive this dark day?

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The second team enter the fray as a pair of endlessly respawning monsters, deadly and powerful in shadow, but terribly vulnerable to light. Armed with razor-sharp claws, blinding spit, the ability to place living land-mines, disable electrical systems with an organic EMP blast or disarm their prey with a primal scream, they are incredibly versatile and powerful hunters that thrive in darkness. Lethal and relentless, the monsters can sense the pounding heartbeats of the scientists and track their victims through the facility. The only thing they fear is light, capable of burning them to ash in an instant.

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And so begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The monsters will not relent until every last scientist lies dead. Who will win in this this tense battle of human ingenuity versus extraterrestrial brutality? Tensions will rise as the power goes out in 2023 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, but skirmishes are set to break out before the year’s end. Wishlist Level Zero on Steam and stay tuned for more information on upcoming beta events later this month.

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About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is a Seattle-based video game label behind the Hello Neighbor franchise and over 30 other renowned titles, including Potion Craft, Graveyard Keeper and Streets of Rogue. With additional offices in Amsterdam, Riga and Boise, ID, tinyBuild is rapidly building a portfolio of fun, high-quality games across multiple platforms.

About DogHowl Games

We’re a Ukraine-based independent game development team following our dream to create truly unforgettable gaming experiences. As a small yet talented crew, we create rich and detailed worlds with cinematic flair, held together with creative new game mechanics.