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Dec 16, 2022

Yuletide event for Deep Rock Galactic is now live until January 5th with special discount

From Press Release:

Today, the seasonal Yuletide event in Coffee Stain Publishing’s cooperative first person shooter, Deep Rock Galactic, begins! The event will run in-game from 15th December 2022 until 5th January 2023.

This year it is bigger than ever, and players have their work cut out for them to complete the special Yuletide assignment. There is also the chance to win double Season XP if they can wrangle escaped Elves while down in the mines. There are more Christmas presents for players than ever, with a full outfit for yourself, Bosco, and your pickaxe under the tree.

Yuletide 2022 Key Information

  • Goodwill to all Dwarves (and robots)
    • Revealed in the following musical trailer, players who complete the special Yuletide Elf Hunt assignment will unlock an exclusive outfit for their dwarves, a new pickaxe and a fresh coat of paint for Bosco. Given its ‘Elfish’ nature, this outfit is to only be worn ironically; management’s orders.
  • Yearly Performance Bonus Assignment
    • Players can complete a set of missions to receive the unique Reindeer Games hat, and a hefty payout if they can guide their team safely through the caves.
  • Festive Hats
    • To get into the spirit, players can choose from a range of festive hats from past Xmas events.
  • Double Season XP Event
    • A shipment of decorative Yuletide Elves has been lost on approach to the Space Rigs, and the caves of Hoxxes are now filled with these pesky Elves!
    • Players can collect and deposit any Elves they see on their missions, to earn themselves double Season XP for the mission.
  • Decorations
    • And of course, even Management couldn’t deny the need to deck the halls for the season. Players can expect wreaths, candles, fairy lights – really all the festive trimmings!

The seasonal event for Deep Rock Galactic is available now, and on 67% sale from the Steam Store.