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Feb 01, 2023

Spirited Thief announced, spend the summer with a ghost to heist and make bank using turn-based stealth tactics

From Press Release:

Lille, France, 1 February 2023 — This Summer, one-man studio Koi Snowman Games is teaming up with Ishtar Games (Dead In Vinland, The Last Spell) to publish their tactical stealth game Spirited Thief:

A turn-based stealth game with a quirk, Spirited Thief’s heists are set in two parts: scout ahead as a ghost to locate guards, traps, and more importantly, the best treasures! Then break in as the thief to steal pricey jewels and escape unscathed under increasing pressure.

Infiltrate heavily protected vaults with the help of occasional allies to get your hands on secrets, treasures, and troubles. And while you wait to get your hands on this turn-based stealth gem, grab the demo on Steam this month!


  • Outsmart your enemies in turn-based gameplay.

  • Scout undetected as Trin, the spirit. Explore, plan, find secret passages, and discover hidden treasures.

  • Break in as Elaj, the thief, and loot as much as you can without giving the guards time to react.

  • Sneak past watchful guards, magical barriers, and locked doors.

  • Infiltrate wealthy castles, dark dungeons, and occult lairs under the guidance of the infamous thieves’ guild.

  • Buy new exciting abilities with your ill-gotten gains.

Spirited Thief will infiltrate your Steam library this Summer, but in the meantime make sure to add it to your wishlist:

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