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Feb 13, 2023

BOKURA is a two-player puzzle adventure game out today for Steam Early Access

From Press Release:

TOKYO – February 13, 2023 – BOKURA, the reality-bending co-op adventure developed tokoronyori and published by Kodansha Games Creator’s Lab, weaves mysteries today on Steam Early Access with Friend Pass available to venture hand-in-hand with a travel companion into the unknown. Explorers will enjoy a 10% discount for one week starting on Monday, Feb. 13th at 7AM PDT.

Ever wondered if everyone sees the world in the same way? Embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploration, and collaboration as two boys leaving home to discover what “far away” really means. Only playable with two players at a time, the adventure begins after choosing a couch co-op companion or sharing access to BOKURA with a fellow wanderer via Steam Friend Pass.

What begins as an attempt to run away from home quickly becomes a mind-bending escapade. A frightening sight causes both children to faint, only to awaken in two different realities occupying the same space. One exists in a picturesque forest laden with animals while the other inhabits an industrial dystopia full of robots.

The pair can only unravel the mysteries of their new predicament by cooperating and comparing their surroundings. Both realities contain distinct artifacts impacting the other world. Convey needs and solutions through voice chat to solve complex puzzles. Search for a way forward together, focusing on mutual progression instead of a “correct” answer. Discover multiple endings across different paths on a highly-replayable voyage.

“Have you ever wondered if the world you see is really the same as everyone else? BOKURA is a story about two boys who’s vision of the world suddenly changed into two different things,” says tokoronyori, creator of BOKURA. “Through the adventures of these two boys finding their way to overcome difficulties despite not seeing eye to eye, we hope that you find nostalgia in the memory of old friendships.”

BOKURA Early Access is now available on Steam for $10.99 with English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language options. A Friend Pass is available now for one week to get two games at the price of one.

For more information, please visit the tokonyori official website, follow tokonyori on Twitter.