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Apr 04, 2023

Ruinarch, the evil overlord simulator leaves Early Access behind for 1.0 release on April 24th

From Press Release:

Manila, Philippines, April 4th, 2023 — Maccima Games are delighted to divulge that Evil Overlord Simulator game Ruinarch launches version 1.0 on April 24th on Steam after nearly 3 years in Steam Early Access and much positive feedback from the community!

Everyone knows that it’s more fun to be the bad guy. Lucky for us, Ruinarch is coming out of Early Access soon to satisfy that need. In this an evil overlord simulator, think up increasingly ridiculous situations, inflict them on unsuspecting villagers, and watch the madness unfold while you take over procedurally generated fantasy worlds!

Choose from three overlord Archetypes to mix your own potent cocktail of destruction. Will you spread disease and raise the dead? Turn people on each other with temptation and malicious gossip? Or simply raise hell and watch the world burn?

Wishlist now and be the bad guy on April 24th!

For more information:

Steam Store Page

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