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Apr 24, 2023

Evil overlord simulator Ruinarch goes 1.0 today after three years of Early Access on Steam

From Press Release:

Manila, Philippines, April 24th, 2023 — Join more than 70,000 evil overlords as Maccima Games releases version 1.0 of Ruinarch on Steam! Ruinarch is a sandbox sim inviting you to put on your devil mask, think up increasingly ridiculous situations, inflict them on unsuspecting villagers, and watch the madness unfold while you take over procedurally generated fantasy worlds:

After nearly three years in Early Access gathering player feedback from the community, Ruinarch’s 1.0 launch today includes new monsters, new faction ideologies, new villager actions, more achievements, controller support, visual modding support, and performance optimization.

Choose from three diabolical overlord Archetypes to suit your uniquely evil personality. Will you be a Lich that spreads disease and raises the dead? Perhaps a Puppetmaster that turns people on each other with temptation and malicious gossip? Or as the Ravager, simply raise hell and watch the world burn? Pick your favorite Archetype and mix and match your spells to create the most potent cocktail of devastation.

Once your plans are in motion, there’s no telling what kind of ridiculous stories will manifest before your eyes. Start things off by setting up a garden variety zombie apocalypse. Then spice things up with a little adultery by making the village hero unfaithful by luring them to sleep with someone who is secretly a werewolf, then unleashing a stormcloud on them while they’re being intimate. Or simply scratch your head as you watch villagers recruit a ghost, have it do manual labor, then accuse it of murder!

Other Dastardly Activities to do:

  • Creatively combine spells to discover new ways to create chaos

  • Give your laziest, most gluttonous, most obnoxious villager the Necronomicon

  • Start a (demon) cult

  • Turn everyone into a vampire and watch them realize there’s no blood left to suck

  • Be the local rumormonger and spread some salacious gossip!

Have a devilishly good time being the bad guy on Ruinarch, out now on Steam!

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