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Oct 20, 2023

BEAST is a hardcore medieval, tactical turn-based RPG entering Early Access on October 25th

From Press Release:

Developers from False Prophet announce that their brutal tactical RPG –BEAST will debut in Early Access on Steam on October 25. Set in a gritty medieval era torn by plagues and military conflict, players will decide whether to exercise or exorcise their inner beast. A series of morally difficult decisions await, which will directly affect gameplay.

Elevate Tactical RPG Gameplay with Moral Choices and Gridless Combat

BEAST is a brutal turn-based game with RPG elements. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 5 and takes players to the dark, plague-ridden, and heresy-ridden medieval Carpathian Mountains. BEAST will offer a revolutionary approach to the tactical game genre by introducing moral choices that affect combat and narrative outcomes. The game is designed to push players through a maze of difficult decisions. Players will take part in dynamic turn-based gridless skirmishes. Each player will have to decide whether to unleash their inner demon for short-term gain or restrain it, striving for long-term sanity and control. The developers anticipate that BEAST will offer up to 40 hours of gameplay.

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BEAST will be available as early access on Steam from October 25, 2023, with a full release scheduled for 2024.

Useful links:
BEAST – Discord
False Prophet – Website
False Prophet – LinkedIn

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