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LawBreakers Review

Aug 25, 2017

When Cliff Bleszinski is attached to the name of a studio and game, people are going to pay attention. And so they have with LawBreakers. This is the first game from Boss Key Studios, formed by “CliffyB” and Guerrilla Co-Founder, Arjan Brussee. LawBreakers is an incredibly fun, diverse, and an ultra-fast first-person shooter that doesn’t let you keep your feet on the ground too long. With modern sensibilities of hero shooters against retro arena shooters where speed is paramount, LawBreakers stands out from its counterparts in all the right ways.

E3 2017: LawBreakers gets official release date and price

Jun 13, 2017

LawBreakers to launch on PC and PS4 on August 8th for the low price of $29.99