Frozen Synapse 2 Review

Sep 13, 2018

Mode 7 is back with Frozen Synapse 2, a sequel two years in the making, and seven years demanded by the community. The original game was a throwback to classic tactics games that stripped away all the noise. Frozen Synapse 2 looks simplistic, but it’s color-coded gameplay bathed in neon and wire-frame gives all the visual information you need to make tough decisions in and out of combat. Commanding squads of clones to keep the city from self-destructing is spinning plates while riding a unicycle that has a flat tire. Frozen Synapse 2 is a well-executed game that improves on everything over the original, and is always satisfying when a plan comes together – and even when it doesn’t.

Mode7Games goes back to the dystopian cyberpunk in Frozen Synapse 2

Feb 10, 2016

Frozen Synapse was one of my favorite tactical games when it released back in 2011, I even reviewed it. Today, Mode7Games has announced a sequel, Frozen Synapse 2.

Frozen Synapse is Now Available for iPad

May 16, 2013

Frozen Synapse iPad is now live on the App Store: for £4.99 / €5.99 / $6.99

“I could not be more excited that Frozen Synapse has finally hit the App Store,” honked Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor, as he dangled bizarrely in his harness.  “We have dreamed of the day when all of humanity could scream ‘DO YOUR TURN!’ at strangers on the internet from anywhere that has wifi.  Today is that day.”

Features as told by the developers in their own words:

  • Experience the unmitigated joy of a full iPad conversion, not some miserably impoverished spin-off dross
  • Play the full single player campaign and every multiplayer mode from the original game with your hands
  • Enjoy full cross-play on the same account: start a game on your hulking great desktop and finish it on your sleek little posh tablet, perhaps during a boring family occasion
  • Luxuriate in the portability of tablet gameplay with a brand new interface crafted explicitly for your horrendous wiggling digits
  • Hotseat your way to both popularity and fortune (fortune sold separately) with local multiplayer!  Passing your device around in a public place has never been more socially acceptable
  • And a whole lot more!  (I have always wanted to write that)

Frozen Synapse coming to iPad in 2012

Nov 02, 2011

Indie developers Mode 7 are proud to announce that their hit tactical game Frozen Synapse will be arriving on iPad in 2012. Frozen Synapse has proved that simultaneous-turn-based strategy is relevant in this terribly fraught modern world of instant-fix gaming. (We even wrote a review for the PC version)

It has sold over 300,000 units on PC, Mac and Linux so far, headlined its own Humble Bundle and achieved a variety of critical plaudits, including a Golden Joysticks nomination.

“Despite my lumpen, sausage-like digits, I am particularly excited about Frozen Synapse coming to the iPad,” blithered Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor. “I look forward to flicking my little green men around the place with wanton abandon.”

The iPad version was revealed to a select group of fans in a Nottingham pub during this year’s Gamecity festival.

“Not only are we doing this iPad thing,” concluded Taylor, deploying the irritatingly reductive diction of a particularly annoying Joss Wheedon character, “but we are also looking at better ways of updating and supporting the game on its current platforms – expect some new things in the New Year.”

Frozen Synapse iPad is shortly to enter beta, with a price and final release date to be announced next year.

Frozen Synapse Review

Jun 19, 2011

Mode7 creates the most eye-pleasing, strategically diverse game you’ll play all year. The story is thin, but you are on the good side of a good vs evil battle that requires a lot of tactics and staying one step ahead of your enemy to succeed.