Black Turn – Operation Barbarossa 1941 DLC for Unity of Command is now available

Dec 10, 2013

This prequel DLC, whose events happen prior to “Stalingrad Campaign”, completes the Eastern Front story as told by “Unity of Command”. Take control of the Wehrmacht and its allies in Operation Barbarossa, from the dramatic early victories all the way to ignominious defeat at the gates of Moscow.

Unity of Command celebrates 2 Years since launch, has a sale

Nov 15, 2013

It is exactly two years today since 2×2 Games released Unity of Command, and they’ve put all of our products on a 50% discount for the weekend. 

Black Turn let’s you play Operation Barbarossa in Unity of Command’s second DLC

Nov 07, 2013

Operation Barbarossa, as a historical event, should not need much of an introduction. It was the largest invasion in the history of warfare, part of the largest military confrontation of all time. The nature of the operation, and its actual historical flow, are perfectly suited for the Unity of Command system. We always knew we were going to do it eventually.

New Unity of Command DLC gives the reds a turn in Red Turn

Dec 11, 2012

Dying days of the Stalingrad Campaign saw the Wehrmacht reeling under heavy blows. The battle of Kursk will now see them pursue an offensive agenda for one last time. Soon after, as the strategic initiative swings in favor of the Soviets, you are tasked with liberating the motherland in command of victorious Red Army forces.
  • Gigantic Soviet campaign featuring 17 scenarios
  • Two standalone Axis scenarios including Zitadelle, the Battle of Kursk
  • Four dedicated PvP scenarios including the tightly contested Korsun Pocket
  • 39 different types of units modelled, including Panther and T-34/85 armor
  • Heavy-hitting late war specialist steps such as ISU-122 and Tiger II
  • Great for modding, with Unity of Command 1.04 featuring a scenario editor

A Brand New Campaign

The new DLC is now available for $9.99 directly from the developers at Every purchase also includes a free code to activate the product on Steam.
Note that you need to upgrade your copy of Unity of Command to version 1.04 to be able to run the DLC. Instructions here.

Unity of Command Review

Oct 26, 2012

It’s easy to dismiss Unity of Command because it is turn-based, a strategy title, looks like a tabletop game, takes place in World War II, and even its liberal use of hexes. It seems like a contradiction, but the Croatian developers at 2×2 Games have made an accessible, fun, hardcore turn-based strategy game that looks and plays great without overwhelming you with systems and screens.