Feb 28, 2019

Unity of Command II announced by 2×2 Games and Croteam, coming to Steam in Q3 2019

From Press Release:

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Feb. 28, 2019 – 2×2 Games and development partners Croteam have announced that Unity of Command II will be arriving on Steam for PC and Mac in Q3 2019. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam to subscribe to updates throughout the year and be alerted when the game launches.

The original Unity of Command, released in 2011, was one of the best-reviewed and best-selling historical wargames ever made. Rock Paper Shotgun called it “the perfect gateway game” into turn-based strategy.

Unity of Command II has been built in a brand new 3D engine and is packed with new gameplay mechanics and features that will surprise and thrill fans of the original game. Newcomers to the series and to wargaming in general will find that Unity of Command II continues the original game’s commitment to polish and accessibility, making it the ideal introduction to the genre.

In Unity of Command II, players will take on a dynamic campaign leading the Western Allies against the Axis powers from 1942 to 1945: branching missions and dynamic objectives mean that no two play-throughs will ever be alike.

  • Headquarters — This new feature places army headquarters on the map, from which you will direct unit reorganization, bridging and resupply. Headquarters are not only essential to reinforcing and recovering lost unit strength, but are also able to deploy special abilities such as Emergency supply, redeploying units using HQ trucks, and many more.
  • Theater Assets — This feature from the original game is greatly expanded in Unity of Command II. Wreak havoc behind enemy lines by sabotaging infrastructure. Order your aircraft to provide aerial recon, contest air superiority, or deliver devastating bombing runs. Sustain units behind enemy lines with an air supply bridge.
  • Change History — Participate in optional timeline-skewing“what-if” objectives — lead the Western Allied charge to beat the Soviets to Berlin, or cancel Operation Market Garden to reinforce Patton’s army.
  • Fog of War — Deal with your enemies—but you’ll have to find them first. Reveal enemy positions by capturing stragglers, upgrading the HQ and using its special abilities such as Short Range Recon.
  • Deep Operations — Unity of Command changed the world of turn-based strategy games forever by introducing its signature supply lines. Keep a watchful eye on your logistics while planning to strike deep beyond enemy lines, sever supply lines and encircle enemy units.
  • Accessible Map Editor — Unity of Command II features a full-fledged Allied campaign, with the addition of several defining battles of WWII that can be experienced from the Axis side. The game comes with a built-in map editor, allowing players to create and share new battlefields using the integrated Steam Workshop support.