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NVIDIA announces GeForce GTX HTC VIVE Bundle

Dec 12, 2016

VR has emerged as the next major computing platform and 2016 has been the year of VR. VR is revolutionizing how we play, interact with friends and family, and how we consume entertainment. With the holiday gift season upon us, your readers can get VR Ready with our new GeForce GTX HTC Vive Bundle.

Ace Banana comes to PlayStation VR today

Oct 13, 2016

Monkeys beware as Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent Chinese publisher, today announced that its day one PlayStation®VR title, Ace Banana, has launched. Developed exclusively for VR, Ace Banana is a first person arcade archery game where players wield a bow to protect their banana stash from a host of marauding monkeys. The light-hearted shooter features a mix of over-the-top fun supported by native VR controls, which allows players to quickly get into the action.

ADR1FT Review

Mar 28, 2016

Adventure games have the ability to take you to foreign or otherwise alien places, and Three One Zero’s ADR1FT is exactly that, because there’s nothing more alien than space. ADR1FT is game one would call a walking simulator, but here it is more of a floating simulator. Having played ADR1FT, it has me considering owning an Oculus Rift. Though, without VR it feels like you’re observing the situation laid out before you rather than experiencing it first-hand. Often feel repetitive and lacking in exciting events, ADR1FT manages to be a visual splendor that must be seen in 2D or 3D.