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Call of Duty Elite to hoard all your funbucks


According to Justin McElroy of Joystiq, via Twitter, the Wall Street Journal just broke NDA on Bobby Kotick’s wet dream for Call of Duty, hours before it was supposed to be posted.  Call of Duty Elite will be a paid service a little similar to Bungie’s stat tracking in Halo.  A little ridiculous really but the subscription also includes access to the game’s dlc map packs.  It doesn’t have many details like if these will be exclusive maps to subscribers but all we know right now is that a subscription will get you stats and maps.  Activision execs are thinking something around your standard $8 bucks a month which is an adopted price for other online entertainment services but honestly, $8 dollars for stats and maps?  They better add something worthwhile to the service for $96 a year.  I can see them going further to mirror Bungie’s way and doing videos and screen shots but hey, Bungie also provides that for free.  Also take into consideration that if this happens to lure droves of CoD players into paying monthly fees, you may be looking at a more Pay to Pay focused CoD.

Wall Street Journal