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Mode 7 opens a music store, Chiptune Rush

Frozen Synapse developers Mode 7 are proud to unveil their latest side-project: an independent web store for chiptune artists.

Chiptune is, traditionally, music made using the sound chips of vintage computers and game consoles.  Over recent years, the term has come to encompass music that incorporates these sounds but is created on more modern hardware.

It’s a genre which attracts many game composers, Mode 7’s own Paul Taylor (aka nervous_testpilot) among them: his _ensnare_ chiptune side project features prominently on the store; proving decisively that you can never have too many silly aliases.

Also included in the launch line-up is the soundtrack to hit indie game Dustforce by Lifeformed, as well as much of Disasterpiece’s game soundtrack catalogue.

Even if you have no prior knowledge of chiptune it’s easy to take the plunge, as Chiptune Rush offers a free bundle in exchange for signing up for updates:

“As are probably not aware, lots of people in the world enjoy music on a daily basis,” blithered Paul Taylor, earlier today.  “We aim to insert glorious square waves into their ears and then wiggle them about a bit until money falls out.  Our plan is to create a one-stop-shop for amazing chip music and help to get some of these brilliant artists the recognition they deserve.”

Take a look over at