Lights Off

In line for the Wii U


Here I am at a Walmart at 10p and eerily enough I’m the only one in line for the Wii U. From what the employee told me, out of the whole shipment they received, all but 7 were pre ordered. Technically they are on layaway through Walmart’s layaway program but same difference.

I was also at the Wii launch back in 2006 and was actually in line at 6pm and was #8. I feel as if the mainstream media blitz just wasn’t as strong this time around which could be why it’s such a dim turnout this late. But you also have to take into account that Walmart didn’t do pre orders or layaway during the Wii’s launch either. It’s possible more people took advantage of the pre ordering this time around leaving me to be the lone dummy.

Of course this is just one store in a small beach town so who knows how the launch is going elsewhere.

I’ll be sure update if anyone else shows up and look for my initial impressions tonight or tomorrow.