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System Shock 2 now on

systemshock2.064405, the digital distributor of all that is good in gaming, is pleased as punch to present the latest addition to its DRM-free catalog of classics–the masterpiece of gaming history, System Shock 2. The game, which perfectly balances fast-paced action, intense storytelling, and FPS gameplay with action-RPG elements,┬áis available right now for only $9.99, only on

System Shock, probably featured on all “The Best of” lists of modern computer games, is widely considered a cult classic and one of the most influential games of all time, particularly in the first-person shooter and horror genre. IGN named it “another reinvention of the FPS genre;” Computer Games Magazine called System Shock 2 “a game that truly defies classification in a single genre;” while Edge Online labeled it as “An advanced, progressive spin on first-person gaming.” Even almost 14 years after its original release, the story of Soldier G65434-2 trying to survive on board of Von Braun and Rickenbacker spaceships is a modern sci-fi horror masterpiece that needs to be experienced first-handedly. Today, System Shock 2 is available worldwide for only $9.99 compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista, and XP.